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Mercedes-Benz will accelerate its electric cars with subscription

Mercedes-Benz started selling it with a subscription package called Acceleration Increase in its EQ series. Mercedes’ aim is to increase the performance of EQ series vehicles, that is, to offer better performance.

Mercedes-Benz also became one of the automobile companies that introduced the subscription system in its electric cars. The company started selling vehicles in the EQ series with a subscription package called Acceleration Increase. Mercedes’ aim is to offer better performance by increasing the performance of EQ series vehicles. This subscription package allows vehicles to go 0.8 seconds faster from 0-100 km/h. Mercedes-Benz has determined the subscription fee as 1 thousand 200 dollars per year. 


With an annual subscription of $1,200, the capacity that actually exists in the vehicles’ hardware will be revealed by software. By increasing the power by 20-24 percent, the 0-100 KM/h acceleration time will decrease. It’s also a clear indication of the change in the automotive world that Mercedes deliberately limited performance to sell it as an optional extra later on. We will see the consumer’s interpretation of this in the coming period.

As of 2018, many companies started to work on subscription, not only Mercedes but also other automotive companies. Last week at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, Fiat CEO Olivier Francois announced that it will launch the all-electric Fiat 500e in the US in the first quarter of 2024 . In this context, he said that they plan to introduce a subscription system for electric cars to be sold across the country. In other words, he stated that they will go beyond traditional sales methods.

Oliver Francois stated that he believes in exploring alternative business models and reshaping the automobile business. François explained that Fiat’s strategy is focused on the future of e-mobility, or electric vehicles, with a car designed for the city rather than increasing US sales.

It is known that BMW has also switched to the subscription system in some car models. The company has been offering a heated seat subscription to its users for $415 per year since 2020. 

On the one hand, Mercedes Benz is among the leading companies in the electric cars sector. The company announced last September that its electric G-Class vehicle will arrive in mid-2024 . The statement was made by the company’s chairman of the board, Ola Källenius. Stating that the vehicle passed the test in Austria last September, Källenius added that he believes the future of the off-road genre is electric-based. Mercedes has yet to reveal details about the vehicle’s range, battery size or electric power.



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