Menstrual cycle: Cycle sync customizes your workouts

Menstrual cycle: Cycle sync customizes your workouts.


You can use cycle synchronization to adapt each month’s exercise training to the phases of your menstrual cycle. Some women also change their diet when menstruating. It is therefore possible to balance the hormones benefiting the state of health. If you have fewer PMS symptoms and prevent them, then you will have better energy levels and better overall health. The menstrual cycle can be divided into four phases: menstruation, follicular, luteal, and pre-menstruation. The concentration of hormones changes at each stage. 


In the menstrual phase estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest levels. In the follicular phase they begin to increase. In the luteal progesterone also increases. The two hormones peak in the luteal phase, before dropping dramatically during the pre-menstrual phase. 

Thus each phase can be the perfect moment for synchronized training , therefore adapted to each moment of the cycle. The luteal phase can be perfect for strength training, thanks to estrogen and progesterone. During this phase the energies expended are many and the body mass decreases. 

The follicular phase shows increases in strength, energy expenditure, and energy intake, albeit small. When progesterone and estrogen are at their lowest during menstruation, you are likely to see less change in muscle building. Fatigue is caused by low hormone levels and menstrual blood loss. A good time to do exercises like yoga to recover. 


In short, hormones change during each phase of the menstrual cycle and it is better to plan more intense workouts for the follicular and luteal phases . Cycles have a regular 28 day pattern , 46% of women have cycles that fluctuate 7 days and 20% 14 days. A regular cycle varies from person to person. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone can be lacking in the female body due to certain health conditions. The idea of ​​cyclically synchronizing physical training according to the phases of menstruation is ideal, but not always easy to implement. The results that can be obtained vary from person to person. 


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