Maternal grandmothers and grandchildren: special relationship


Grandparents are an incomparable treasure and those who can still share time with them are lucky. Sweetness and wisdom are unmistakable and irresistible, which is why we prefer grandparents. The maternal grandmother represents the most important figure for the formation of the grandchildren, because she passes on a large part of the genetic heritage to them .


Sometimes the genes passed on from one generation to the next skip a step, and so the genetic inheritance of the grandchildren belongs to that of the grandparents. Very often a grandchild looks a lot like his grandmother. One study delved into the link between maternal grandmothers and grandchildren . Grandmothers are able to pass on 25% of their X chromosomes to their children’s children by inheriting all the genes. 

Paternal grandmothers inherit their chromosomes only to their female grandchildren. According to the Chilean writer Alejandro Jodorowsky it is not only DNA, but also a question of behavior . Some Atlanta researchers say that even memories of grandparents can be passed on to grandchildren, also contributing to their brains and character.

Scientific explanations are valid, but sometimes a simple glance is enough to notice the evident similarity . Among the most famous examples to remember are the portraits of Grace Kelly with her niece Camille Gottlieb. Then Riley Keough, daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, has the same smile and expressions of her maternal grandmother Priscilla, wife of the famous Memphis singer. Isabella Rossellini’s daughter is very reminiscent of her maternal grandmother, the actress Ingrid Bergman.


Dakota Johnson inherited from her maternal grandmother Tippi Hedren not only the talent for acting, but also a timeless charm. In Italy there is Aurora Ramazzotti with her maternal grandmother Ineke Hunziker. In short, whether it is a question of similarities or DNA, the essential thing is the deep love that binds grandparents and grandchildren.

  • Maternal grandmothers and grandchildren, a special bond made up of affinities and similarities (


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