Matches in Syria postponed until January 2023

It was announced that football and basketball matches were postponed until January 2023 due to the deepening fuel crisis in the regions under the control of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

According to the news of the Assad regime’s agency, SANA, the regime’s football and basketball federations decided to postpone the matches planned this month in all age categories until January 2023, citing the fuel crisis.


Arguing that the crisis was caused by “delay in oil shipments” and “economic sanctions imposed on the regime,” the regime government announced yesterday that it added a two-week market to Friday and Saturday, weekly holidays in public institutions.

While there have been frequent fuel crises in the regions under the control of the Assad regime in recent years, this crisis has deepened with the cooling of the weather.

While the terrorist organization PKK/YPG occupies more than 70 percent of the oil resources in Syria, the oil refineries in the country are under the control of the regime forces.

The regime is trying to meet part of its fuel needs through Iran and partly through the oil trade it carries out with the PKK/YPG.


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