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Mastodon has already gone out of fashion: after the hatred for Musk, users have plummeted

Mastodon has already gone out of fashion: after the hatred for Musk, users have plummeted.


Mastodon‘s rise has already come to a disastrous halt. As more than someone had predicted, the popularity of the social alternative to Twitter lasted a few months, a bit like what happened to Clubhouse, another “novelty” that didn’t last long, after the initial hangover gave way to boredom.


Mastodon had become extremely popular at the turn of October and December after Elon Musk became the new owner of Twitter. Many users had decided to leave the social network in controversy with the new owner and with the most controversial changes he had introduced (from Trump’s ban to Twitter Blue).

Mastodon is a social network very similar to Twitter, but very different at the same time. It is not managed by a single company/owner, but is decentralized and branches out into hundreds of autonomous servers, called instances .

Thus thanks to the boycott campaign against Elon Musk and the consequent interest of the media, Mastodon had rapidly tripled the number of users, going from being a tiny peculiar and isolated reality of the web to becoming a social platform with over 2.5 million users.


Too bad that since that peak reached in December, the decentralized platform has quickly dropped back to 1.4 million. An important number and in any case higher than the data prior to October, but the trend is still evolving and the decrease in active users does not seem destined to stop anytime soon. In short, we’ll talk about it again in a few months, when the numbers of Mastodon (which due to its vocation and structure are ill-suited to hosting “casual” users) could be even lower.


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