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Mass Effect, like a Diablo game, is fascinating

The very good Flurdeh has released a new video showing what Mass Effect could have looked like with an isometric view.

Mass Effect, like a Diablo game, is fascinating


BioWare fans have never forgotten one of its most famous games, namely Mass Effect , so much so that now someone has decided to give the sci-fi title a completely new view .

Anyone who has played the original saga even in the recent  revised and corrected version  (which you can find  on  Amazon ), knows how much there is still to be discussed about the saga.

While BioWare recently wanted to share an  insane alternate ending to  Mass Effect 3 years on, it’s now the turn of a truly amazing fan creation .


After another big had received the same treatment some time ago, i.e. Dead Space, in fact it’s up to Mass Effect to be transformed into an isometric title à la Diablo .

As also reported by DSO Gaming, the talented Flurdeh has released a new video that shows what Mass Effect could have looked like with an isometric view .


To create this video, Flurdeh used Tilt Shift to transform the citadel from Mass Effect , Omega and other iconic locations from the game into actual miniature worlds .

This elevated camera view may give an idea of ​​what the game looks like as an isometric title, but nothing more.

But be careful: what you have just seen above is only and exclusively a conceptual video and not a mod capable of transforming the game into an isometric title, sorry.

The hope is that sooner or later someone will decide to actually make an isometric playable version of these historical masterpieces, so never say never.


Staying on the subject, Flurdeh has always decided to transform a soulslike branded FromSoftware, namely  Dark Souls 3 ,  into a real isometric title .

But that’s not all: another big game like  Red Dead Redemption 2 had also  received the same treatment,  for a really not bad result .

Finally, could a chapter of the Assassin’s Creed saga also be missing framed with a top view? Not at all: so here’s what the game would look like in its final version .


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