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Marvel Snap: Martin Garrix and JVKE make the official music video


In collaboration with Nuverse, Second Dinner and MARVEL Entertainment, superstar DJ/producer Martin Garrix and the talented singer, songwriter and viral producer JVKE have released their new track Hero, the anthem of the MARVEL SNAP video game, accompanied by an animated music video full of Super heroes. In this visionary video inspired by the hit video game (fresh from winning Best Mobile at The Game Awards), some epic love stories from the world of Marvel are used to explore the difficulties of romantic relationships.


In the video, JVKE is lost in thought and imagination after receiving an all too familiar text in which his ex-girlfriend Georgia asks, “ Can we talk? ”. Throughout the video, JVKE explores the ups and downs of a relationship through fan-favorite Marvel couples, including Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Storm and Black Panther, and Vision and Scarlet Witch. The video highlights the beautiful, one-of-a-kind art styles of Variant Cards found in MARVEL SNAP.

I am truly honored to participate in this project with MARVEL SNAP. I love exploring new territories with my music and I’m really excited that, starting today, the song is finally available.

said Martin Garrix.

MARVEL SNAP was released in October to critical acclaim, and quickly became one of the most downloaded and popular games of the year globally. This adrenaline-pumping trading card game allows fans to assemble their dream teams of Marvel heroes and villains to fight their way to glory across the multiverse – in match-battles lasting just three minutes.


We wanted to create a special tribute to celebrate the large number of players who have loved playing MARVEL SNAP over the past few months. This collaboration brought together talented superstars like Martin Garrix and JVKE with some of the top creative talents in the MARVEL world to create an epic video about love, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to share it with fans.

said Melanie McCracken, Brand Lead at MARVEL SNAP (Nuverse).

Starting Thursday, December 8, MARVEL SNAP is kicking off a massive in-game “Hero” event featuring prizes, offers, and special themed events. To start, all players who log into MARVEL SNAP will receive a free Tempesta Hero Variant Card, illustrated by concept artist Jander González Mella, who worked on the Black Panther and Tempesta character designs for the music video. The Tempesta Hero Variant Card will be available for free for one week to all players who log in, and then it will be added to the Token Shop as an Ultimate Variant. For a limited time, MARVEL SNAP has also released a ‘Hero’ variant pack, currently available for purchase in-game, which includes variants of many of the characters featured in the music video.

It was really great to collaborate with Martin Garrix, JVKE, Second Dinner, Nuverse and The Line Animation to express our collective passion as fans, exploring the history of the Marvel universe and dropping fun easter eggs in the music video for Hero. Martin and JVKE’s song manages to perfectly evoke the dramatic romantic stories typical of the Marvel world, while the wide range of authentic and stylish artwork featured in the video’s vignettes equally celebrates the many artistic styles that players have learned to love in MARVEL SNAP.

said Bill Rosemann, VP & Creative Director at Marvel Games.

This immersive music video was created by The Line Animation, the award-winning animation studio in London. The video was shown during The Game Awards, where MARVEL SNAP received the award for Best Mobile Video Game.

MARVEL SNAP is available worldwide in 13 languages ​​and can be downloaded on mobile now and on PC in Early Access: .


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