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Many Microsoft services stopped working for a few hours today

Many Microsoft services stopped working for a few hours today.


During today and for several hours, some of the most important Microsoft services have ceased to function properly. The biggest damage – as easily circumvented as it was – affected all users who use Edge and have set Bing as their primary search engine.


Basically, the browser was unusable, unless you set another search engine. This is because, along with Azure, Drive and many others, Bing was also offline for a couple of hours. Edge automatically performs a query on Bing every time the user writes a word on the search bar and consequently many users have been unable to use the browser.

The down affected Bing, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive , Microsoft 365 and Azure . No disruptions have been reported on Microsoft services related to gaming, such as Xbox Live, Gamepass, the Xbox marketplace and Xbox Cloud.

The disruptions occurred in the early hours of the Italian morning and were resolved by Microsoft around 11:30 today, when the official Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account announced that all services had resumed working properly.



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