Maneuver: disputes on the new Pos obligation limits


The controversy arises over the extent of the maneuver relating to electronic payments . The trader up to an expense of 60 euros will be able to refuse payment with the Pos without penalty. “It was already profoundly wrong to remove the obligation for merchants to accept payments by cards and debit cards below thirty euros, today bringing this limit to sixty euros seems to us real folly”, declares Giordano Masini, coordinator of the secretariat more Europe. 


Then there was the slowdown by the government which blocked everything to postpone the decision to the EU. There was the historic battle that lasted 8 years with the obligation of the Pos for traders and professionals with sanctions. This aimed at merchants who refused customers electronic payments. The increase from 30 to 60 euros for the use of cards and ATMs decided by the government is a useless reform. This will allow all merchants, professionals and artisans to refuse payments with Pos without consequences, but damaging consumers forced to use cash. 

A decision taken by the Meloni government, a way to take the side of the old traders , those of the past, instead of that of the families. Palazzo Chigi specifies that talks are underway with the EC regarding this decision, but the evolution of the budget law will be seen. 

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