Malaysian team on the field with 140 people

Malaysian team on the field with 140 people.

The Malaysian team, which came from 7 thousand km to the Nurdağı district of Gaziantep, is one of the largest search and rescue teams.

The group consists of 70 searches and rescue personnel and 70 support personnel. The search and rescue unit they call SMART is capable of being self-sufficient for 14 days without outside support such as food. Answering Hürriyet’s questions, Deputy Commander of the Union, Safrizan Bin Suhaini, said that they were able to pull 5 people out of the wreckage on the fourth day, but there were no survivors afterward. Suhaini said, “We brought out 45 funerals. “We’re still in operation mode, we haven’t planned to finish the study yet,” he said. But he added that they may soon begin to consider returning to their country.



Volunteer Turkish firefighters from Germany and Switzerland also work in Hakan Apartment where the Malaysian team works. At the head of the team is Turkish firefighter Murat Işık from Ludwigshafen, the sister city of Gaziantep . Two members of the team of six are Swiss brothers Arif and Yusuf Işık. Saying that it is not easy to find a familiar Turkish firefighter, Murat Işık said that when the Municipality of Ludwigshafen decided to help, his uncles in Switzerland joined them. The group, which has been working in Nurdağı for three days, has so far removed 8 bodies from under the rubble. They will serve 10 more days in the district.


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