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want to learn about one of the best ways to make money online that works for everyone on the internet regardless of where you are in the world here you go there’s no need for social media followers social networking affiliate marketing or anything else because all you have to do is copy and paste some texts you don’t even need any experience to do this do you want to learn how to do it well we’ll show you an approach that you probably didn’t think would help you generate money but before we get into the rest of the video


welcome to moneyguide here you’ll be able to learn to make money in a short amount of time in the simplest way possible so make sure you subscribe to our channel as well as hit the bell icon to be in the loop of what’s happening here without wasting further time let’s jump right into the video the first step is to go to the second step is to navigate the website in order to find google news allow us to provide you with a suggestion in this regard you can see that there is a domain that contains the most recent and up-to-date news which is which is the first website that appears in the search results similar to a newspaper you can find and enumerate a wide range of topics and use here if you’re looking for entertainment news science news health news sports news tech news business views or anything else you’ll find it here simply focus on business technology entertainment sports science and health among these categories now select health from the drop down menu and the results will show you the most recent and relevant health related news stories feel free to look around and scroll down to find something that interests you now for example look for an article that was recently published simply click the article then copy the text as you would any other file on your computer after that we’ll go to step 3 which will require us to visit another website to complete this step go to the website that’ll perform the magic for you will be spinbot one of the many tools powered by spinbot’s rewriter api is the content spinning tool a proofreading tool and various additional paraphrasing tools are also powered by the api when you press go on spin bot’s editor the text you paste is instantly rewritten text can be typed directly into the editor or copied and pasted from another location the method used by spinbot is solely for paraphrasing the software does not include any additional products rephrasing content using spinbot is a quick and uncomplicated process copy content from any source paste it in the editor and rewrite it alternatively you can type material directly on the editor and then rewrite it while paraphrasing material spinbot’s article’s spinning technology aims to keep the original tone and formality of your content as you go through the article you may also learn about content writing from spinbot examine the sentence structure to determine what constitutes a well-communicated message you’ll be able to write more effectively as a result of this and you’ll also be learning more about the language furthermore reading the post might help to evoke your creativity and may encourage you to write future articles on comparable topics begin to get thoughts flowing and deliver them in your version in a shorter amount of time another issue to be concerned about is online plagiarism which occurs when someone steals and publishes someone else’s work as their own to put it another way it’s a felony to steal and take credit for someone else’s hard work taking other people’s ideas on the other hand could result in you being accused of plagiarized content and there is no better way to avoid such uncomfortable and unwelcome situations than to employ spinbot which assures that the paraphrase material is entirely original and unique try to regularly produce new and entertaining content while avoiding plagiarism and grammatical errors eating well will also help you reach a huge audience as a reward for your excellent articles so to achieve that simply copy and paste the article’s content into the box given after that spinbot will completely rewrite the content for you after that you’ll have a whole separate article that’s both unique and original you’ll use those articles on three more websites which we’ll go through with you in a minute the websites will of course pay you for those articles and some of them will even pay you for each word in the article he will now use the reconstructed article as we go on to the next three websites where you’ll begin earning money you will submit the reconstructed articles to the first website we’ll present or you can craft your own articles and submit them yourself if you like is the name of the website you could approach first we know you don’t like writing long articles or news columns so we taught you how to use spinbot earlier will pay you up to one dollar per word if you take articles that you find and then reconstruct them using the website assuming your article is one thousand words long and you’re paid one dollar for each word all he had to do was copy and paste the article in less than 30 minutes which is probably the easiest 1 000 you’ve ever made if you’re still unsure let’s walk you through how to submit an article to navigate through the website to the bottom of the page where you’ll find your email address under the headline contact us now copy that email address and paste it into the recipient line of your email compose your email with a rebuilt article as the content and then put article submission in the subject line all you have to do now is press the send button to send your message if they liked your post after they reviewed it they will send you an email asking for your payment details after some time if you prefer to be paid via paypal please provide them with your account information to get your funds if you don’t have paypal or don’t want to be paid through paypal you can get your money by a bank transfer to your bank account simply provide them with your bank account details and the funds will be available to you however it doesn’t end there there’s still more websites where you can post your content which brings us to the second website we’ll talk about the second website where you can earn money by submitting reconstructed articles is simply go to their official website to learn everything you need to know read the instructions carefully and follow them correctly after that send your content to their email address simply repeat the process you went through with eating well but this time submit it to fill in your contact information write article submission in the subject line and send the email unlike eating well where only health and fitness related articles are accepted you can broaden your article choices here by including themes linked to technology and science so go back to google news and look for items that are relevant to these for greater results and money the final place where you can submit your articles is simply go to their website read the guidelines and then follow the steps outlined unlike the two prior websites this one will only pay you less money but considering you don’t have to do much it’s a nice deal also because the website will only allow you to write up to 2000 words while paying you 0.31 per word the outcomes are equitably maximized if point 31 per word sounds low to you you should be aware of this earning 0.31 per word isn’t terrible especially since you may milk it by submitting more articles and fast increasing your earnings so that’s the main plan for today’s video and as we previously stated it’s quite simple and you can’t do it even if you have no prior knowledge or talents and that’s it you can work from anywhere in the globe and generate money by reassembling articles so the job is quite simple isn’t it after all a quick side hustle to grab a few extra boxes never really hurt anyone if you enjoyed this video do have a look at some other videos of ours and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them the same as this one with that being said we have come to the end of our video and we hope you found it quite informative do drop this video a like to support our efforts and also to press the subscribe button to gain access to all our content while you’re at it push the bell icon to receive the latest updates on the events taking place of moneyguide and we can’t wait to have you back on my website 


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