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 we all want to make a substantial amount of money not just a few hundred dollars thanks to the website we’re about to show you in today’s video we’ll be able to make 50 000 or more  let’s jump right into the video copying and pasting is quite simple to get qualified you’ll not be obliged to put in a lot of effort or time you don’t have to be a professional writer or editor to participate this essentially means that anyone can contribute to the project it’s also accessible all around the world pay attention


because what we’re going to say will make you a billionaire or extremely wealthy if you haven’t been able to get those holiday purchases and bills completed this will be quite helpful the first website you should visit is probably already recognizable to you we’ve all used it for online shopping and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on it you guessed it correctly it’s of course you can either google amazon to get what you’re looking for or type kindle ebooks into your browser to get straight to the amazon kindle and yes you will get compensated by amazon with that in mind i’ll now show you how to benefit from amazon there are no talents required and the effort required is minimal let’s start by stating that amazon is one of the world’s most powerful corporations the website has been accessed by over 2 billion people its popularity has grown worldwide particularly in the united states if you’re wondering what amazon kindle is it’s a book selling division of it’s a website where users may sell all types of ebooks in a very simple and hassle-free manner [Music] there are a few things to bear in mind while uploading an ebook to it’ll generate visitors to this page on its own it’s also worth noting that you are paid to sell ebooks in amazon when someone buys them it’s a very lucrative business with hundreds of millions of people from all over the world amazon is one of the finest locations to purchase and sell books online getting your ebook published on amazon opens the door to a much larger audience they could ever expect to reach with a traditional website which is why it’s critical that you do so many bloggers are put off by the fact that amazon only accepts kindle formats of ebooks which makes them believe the process might be complicated this isn’t the case and it shouldn’t be a problem for you because amazon will convert your ebook for you when you upload it isn’t it thrilling it’s not as difficult as it seems to sell your ebook on amazon it can appear to be a minefield attempting to navigate amazon’s thor of rules and regulations you’ll be relieved to learn that getting your ebook listed for sale requires simply a few simple steps let’s take a look at the ebooks available on the internet they’re all about american literature and there are a number of people selling ebooks with over 7 000 ratings for 14 if you think about it the individual has made a large quantity of money possibly in the 100 000 range by selling ebooks again all the user had to do is upload the ebook to the website and they’re good to go you can make thousands of dollars selling ebooks and the fact that you can do it at your leisure with middle effort makes it more enticing than the alternatives the fact that amazon is widely used throughout the world adds to its popularity because you’re not a writer or have no past experience with ebooks you may assume it’ll be tough for you to do it as a result we’re going to show you another platform that’ll certainly help you refine your work to begin with you don’t need to register with amazon kindle to publish anything after that you’ll get to you can see on this page that it’ll only take you five minutes to publish your ebook it’ll be available for purchase on amazon kindle over the next 24 to 48 hours return to the top of the website and select one of the sign up choices following which you will be asked to sign in because you don’t have a kdp account yet you’ll click the create your kdp account button you will then be prompted to enter your information in order to create your account and once you have done so simply click create your kdp account to complete the process it’s as easy as one two and three now that you’ve set up your account you’re ready to start publishing ebooks let’s now proceed to the second website if you’re not a big writer this isn’t the place for you simply told this website can help you obtain ebooks you’ll be able to resell them after that this website has helped people in the digital market make more money than they expected without having to invest a lot of money buy is the name of the website where you’ll find a wide variety of digital things to use and possibly earn from this site has articles videos and of course ebooks you can purchase an ebook for five to ten dollars and then resell it for a greater price in amazon as you can see on similar web some people gained a lot of money selling their ebooks thanks to amazon’s popularity and respectability as a website this website just to be clear provides free ebooks so go to this platform [Music] hover your mouse over the arrow next to the free plr and then select free plr ebooks this will now show ebooks that are free to download you should probably upload them to amazon kindle right now so let’s get started your ebook will be ready for purchase of amazon in just a few more steps it’s that simple you’ll find a tab add new title in the top left hand corner of your kdp account when you click on this button you’ll be sent to a screen where you can begin inputting all of your book’s details the majority of the fields in this page are self-explanatory however if you get stuck there are prompts to help you out you’ll want to make sure you complete out each section and provide as much information about your book as feasible you’ll see an opportunity to enter an isbn in the first column labeled enter your book details it’s worth noting that the word optional is used to sell your ebook on amazon you don’t need an isbn number if you’re self-publishing your book you’ll need to fill up the section with your own name choose a category for your ebook that’s related to it and add keywords to help people find it the more specifically focused keywords you can utilize the better after that you’ll need to provide an image for your ebook’s cover because this image will be displayed on amazon’s sale page it’s crucial to spend some time perfecting it you could hire someone to make your cover if you don’t think you have the ability to do it yourself there are various different options available on the internet finally it’s time to share your ebook with the world just make sure it’s in the kindle friendly format to upload or else there are websites that can do it for you just like that you’re done after all of this you’ll see that it works for you and that you’re not wasting your money you can use the money you make from the sales of the premium ebooks you bought on the site to get use invest in more ebooks and then resell them so the job is quite simple isn’t it after all a quick side hustle to grab a few extra boxes never really hurt anyone if you enjoy this video do have a look at some other videos of ours and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them the same as this one with that being said we have come to the end of our video and we hope you found it quite informative do drop this video like to support our efforts and also to press the subscribe button to gain access to all our content while you’re at it push the bell icon to receive the latest updates on the events taking place on moneyguide and we can’t wait to have you back in our channel bye and see you guys real soon you 


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