Luxury housing investments are shifting to developing countries

Global cities, which are financial centers that shine before the pandemic, started to fall behind in luxury housing investment. Real estate professional Aylin Pelin Onar pointed out that we are now entering a period in which cities with high income potential come to the fore and said, “Advantageous features such as tax advantages, affordable prices, living conditions, rent multiplier will make developing centers even more prominent.”

Real estate professional Aylin Pelin Onar pointed out that the landscape has now changed after two years, when the pandemic caused an increase in house prices in most global cities, and said, “Money is getting more expensive, geopolitics is getting more complex and China is no longer powering the world economy. This has turned the route from developed city centers such as London and Berlin to developing countries such as Turkey and the TRNC with higher premium potential in the ‘return priority’ luxury housing investment. Turkey ranks first in real estate investment in the TRNC. Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, as well as Russian-speaking countries follow Turkey. Advantageous features such as tax advantages, affordable prices, living conditions, rent multiplier will further highlight the developing centers. 9 in China alone, the number of high-wealth immigrants Pointing out that there are over 1 million people, Onar said, “India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey are in the top 8 with a figure of close to 190 thousand. Catching these investors, guiding them and giving them confidence is a valuable job.”  


He has become one of the few professionals in the world 

Aylin Pelin Onar, real estate professional at Coldwell Banker Turkey & TRNC, which increases its market share in Turkey every month and stands out with its luxury sales in the TRNC, continues to carry her success to the international arena. Being one of the two licensed Luxury Housing Instructors outside the United States, Onar spoke as one of the few professionals at the luxury housing summit in Beverly Hills in June. She has now joined the meeting at Phoenix as one of Coldwell Banker’s most successful real estate professionals. She made evaluations about Turkey and TRNC real estate market. Emphasizing that he will continue to represent both Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus globally, International Luxury Housing Instructor Onar said, “Over 100 thousand real estate professionals, 

With over 20 years of experience, Onar has represented the TRNC and Turkey many times in the United States, European countries such as Barcelona and Portugal, as well as international platforms, shot the first portfolio video in the TRNC and Turkey, broke new ground in this field, and The only Turkish female professional among real estate brands who is a speaker and panelist on the international platform. Onar, who succeeded in becoming the first and only professional for which Jaguar vehicles are the official sponsor, was also selected as the ‘Most Successful Businesswoman of the Year’ in the TRNC.


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