Love relationship: 8 dangers

Love relationship: 8 dangers.


In most cases, it’s not the cataclysms that make a love relationship wither, but the little things that slowly weaken the relationship. Sentimental ties are like plants, they must be cared for and watered with love every day: being together means sharing everything. Here are the 8 things to know that destroy a relationship. If we are experiencing a period of ups and downs in our relationship with our partner, here’s what we need to avoid in order not to destroy the sentimental bond.  

  • unconstructive discussions: do not point out everything the other says
  • laziness: routine exists and not enough is done to counter it
  • jealousy: a positive impulse for the couple, but it can also become destructive. Retroactive jealousy takes its toll, it’s how you feel about your ex partner
  • always stay together: the lack of individual space makes you lose sight of yourself and personal goals
  • lack of sincerity: lies either small or large towards the partner or lack of honesty towards personal wishes. If the lies are discovered there is a flaw, in the case of lack of honesty you risk living a relationship you don’t want
  • always avoid conflict: sometimes we close our eyes to the partner’s attitudes and behaviors that disturb or hurt us. You have to face the discussion, otherwise it explodes and it’s worse
  • point out defects in the partner and expect to change him
  • Complaining: It will not solve anything to constantly complain about your partner to friends and family 

We invest our hearts sometimes not knowing where we are really going. Here the suffering that follows leads us to destroy ourselves as if we were in the middle of a battlefield. If you want a better relationship, you have to become a better partner. Taking care of our appearance, cultivating our interests, making us lovable, don’t wait for our happiness to come from our partner. Only complete people know how to get along well. Have the right tools and a minimum of expertise : knowing what’s best to do.


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