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Let me ask you a question: what if you could press 


a button and watch a simple video and instantly  

make $5? What if you could do this over and over 

again and make $20, $200, and there are no limits?  

The greatest thing is that you can do all of 

this by simply using your smartphone or computer.  


You may start generating real money online 

right now and withdraw your funds by paypal,  

bank transfer, bitcoin, and many more methods. 

I’ll show you up to five brand new websites  

and apps that will pay you to watch videos.

And remember that the more apps you use, the more  

money you will make. So make sure you stick around 

until the end to learn about all five websites and  

apps that can help you increase your profits.

Let’s get started with the video. The first  

website that I want to show you how to make money 

online by simply watching videos is Featurepoints.  

Now, some of you may have heard of this website 

before, but here’s the thing: I want to show you  

inside my account with actual proof of earnings, 

and we draw real money from my account. I’ll  

do it live in front of you to show you that 

it’s still working. You can get this app for  

free from the Google Play Store or the App 

Store, and yes, it’s accessible globally. 

They’ve been around since 2012 and are still 

going strong. You may earn money by joining  

contests surveys, watching movies, or even getting 

cashback. There are many different ways to make  

money, but in this video we’re going to focus 

on just watching videos and making money because  

that’s the quickest, easiest, and highest paying 

job on this website. To sign up, simply enter your  

email address right here and click sign up now. 

You can do it on your phone or on your computer. 

Now, pay close attention because this is really 

important: I’m going to go into my account and  

show you exactly how I’m doing it before you go 

and try it for yourself. As you can see, this is  

my account and my name right here, and I’ve been 

continuously withdrawing a lot of money on this  

website, I’m still making money every day. All you 

have to do is play the video in the background. I  

do it on my computer, and I do it on my phone. I 

just play as much video as I can in the background  

and let it run automatically. I don’t even 

have to watch the video; I can earn money  

passively just by playing it in the background.

As you can see, I still have over 8000 points,  

which means I can actually cash out some money. 

Let me explain why I prefer to withdraw using  

PayPal. Now, for example, I’m going to select 

cash right here, and as you can see here,  

you can click on any amount that you want, so I 

just clicked on ten dollars. You can see here that  

you can exchange 3000 points for ten dollars, 

so I’m just going to click on redeem reward,  

and then they can ask me to confirm buy this 

reward for 3000 points, so I’m still left with  

5000 points right now after withdrawing, please 

make sure your email matches your paypal account. 

So I’m just going to buy the rewards and then 

confirm my password and then click submit after  

processing your reward and just wait for a 

second as you can see here my points have  

just been deducted 3000 points and the ten dollars 

is going to be send into my paypal account. When  

you get to the offers area, click on offers, and 

you’ll notice a variety of well-known firms, such  

as OfferToro, one of the most popular companies 

that allows you to watch videos and earn money.  

As you can see, you may earn up to three thousand 

points, which can be exchanged for ten dollars. 

Now, let me offer you a short bonus tip: 

if you have numerous computers or phones,  

you can use all of them to open multiple browser 

tabs. You may watch numerous videos at the same  

time this way. Personally, I use Google Chrome 

and open up to three or four tabs, and I simply  

let the video play in the background while I do 

other things. Whether I’m sleeping, going out,  

or doing my own thing, the video is still playing, 

which means I’m still getting money passively. 

All of the money adds up rapidly, and the greatest 

thing is that it’s completely passive in the sense  

that I don’t have to do any of the mental 

work, and you don’t need any expertise to  

watch the video. I hope it makes sense 

now if you stay watching to the end.  

I’m going to show you a couple more websites 

and apps that, when combined, can help you make  

double, triple, or even five times more money even 

faster. Right now, I’ll show you the second app  

where you can earn money by viewing videos.

Before we go any deeper, I’ll give you some  

time to subscribe to the channel and give it 

big thumbs up if you’ve loved the video thus  

far. And if you found this video interesting 

and informative, please leave a comment below. 

This second app is called Appnana, and you can 

download it on your iPhone or Android phone.  

When you go there, you can do a variety of things 

like play games, do surveys, and watch videos,  

and the point system they use is called Nana’s 

point. Now, this is a strange name, but you can  

actually convert those nana points into real and 

actual cash money. As you can see, you earn nanas,  

which you can then convert and cash out by paypal, 

skrill, payoneer, bank transfer, cryptocurrency  

bitcoin, and a variety of other methods.

You may also join their referral program  

to make extra money by clicking on this link, 

which will take you to a website where you can  

fill out all of your details and sign up. That’s 

all there is to it; it’s actually quite easy,  

and you can post the code on Facebook, 

Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere else you like,  

and you’ll be able to earn one additional stream 

of income while watching the videos yourself  

to earn the second streams of cash.

Let’s go on to the third website  

called , Mypoints, which I like since they 

provide a $15 welcome bonus when you sign up for  

free. I mean, who doesn’t want a $15 welcome bonus 

without having to do anything? That’s incredible.  

Now all you have to do is enter your email 

and password and click the join now button.  

You may earn money in a variety of ways on 

this app, one of which is by watching videos. 

If you stick with me to the finish, I’ll 

show you what sort of videos you should watch  

since different videos pay you varying amounts 

of money, some at a higher rate than others. So  

make sure you stick around till the end because 

I’ll show you which videos you should focus on. 

But first, let me show you app number four, 

Apptrailers. This app has been very popular  

for many years, and if you are reading 

this right now, congratulations because  

they just released a new update where you 

can simply watch videos and earn money. 

This opportunity is incredible because the 

older version paid you very little money,  

but the new version will pay you much more 

money. Now, I’ll recommend that you watch at  

least three to five videos at once, as this will 

allow you to make a lot more money much faster.  

Take a look at the 4.2 stars out of over 42 

000 reviews, which is an incredible rating  

considering that many other apps only have three 

stars and this one has more than four and a lot  

of positive feedback from the users themselves.

Moving on to the last app, number five, for this  

app Creation rewards, you can receive ten dollars 

and sign a bonus once again by using this app you  

can earn free gift cards and cash by just viewing 

videos. But one thing I do want to mention is that  

I’ve been using this program since 2000, which is 

a long time, and they’ve been paying their users  

for 18 years. You can do a lot of various things 

with it. For example, pay surveys, watch videos,  

visit websites, purchase online, complete 

offers, and recommend friends and family. 

For myself, I prefer to watch videos and visit 

websites. They’re all rather simple to accomplish  

without any expertise, and one word of caution: 

don’t try to complete surveys on the page. Please  

don’t do that since they give you very little 

money and are essentially wasting your time.  

Instead, focus on viewing films and if you 

enjoy it, consider completing various offers  

related to browsing websites. Now, when you go 

into your account, you can see on the left side  

that you can do things like watch and explore, do 

surveys, download apps, refer friends, and so on. 

Right here there are so many different companies 

who pay you to watch videos. a lot of different  

big and famous companies all in one single app, 

and one thing to remember is that when you log  

in using your phone, you’ll see daily rewards 

right here on top; make sure you click on that  

to claim your daily reward because they give you 

a bonus extra money every time you log into your  

dashboard in the morning. So make sure you log in 

every day to get your rewards because if you do  

this for 30 days in a row for a month and click on 

it every day, they’ll unlock more videos for you,  

allowing you to earn even more bonus money.

And that’s it. If you love similar content  

like this, take a look at my other videos and 

if you like it, please smash the like button  

and make sure you subscribe to the 

channel and hit the notification bell.  

If you have further questions feel free to 

comment down below! See you in the next video!


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