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Logan Paul’s energy drink has created a “half apocalypse” in the UK

Logan Paul’s energy drink has created a “half apocalypse” in the UK.


The well-known YouTuber (as well as wrestler, actor, entrepreneur, etc.) Logan Paul has launched his own line of energy drinks. It’s called Prime and, according to the judgment of more than a few media that have no particular interest in making Paul look good, it would seem that it’s actually quite good and thirst-quenching.


It has been on sale in the United States for several months now and follows other initiatives in the field of snacks and drinks launched by some other YouTubers: like the chocolate bars of MrBeast (the first “billionaire youtuber” ), another product that really went Very good.

Logan Paul has recently started selling his drink in Europe as well, but only in the United Kingdom , where it has been made available in extremely limited quantities. The youtuber defended himself in advance explaining that it was not a marketing choice but the result of the difficulties of bringing the product to a new market, assuring that in the future the drink could become easier to find even in normal supermarkets. The fact is that the scarcity of the quantity of bottles made available – clearly announced on all the YouTuber’s social channels – has done its job, giving the product an aura of exclusivity (which never hurts, just think of the case of Swatch X Omega collection).

Recounting the sensational success of the drink in the United Kingdom, the BBC explains that the drink has been on sale in some British supermarkets for about a month. It continues to be snapped up very quickly and many enthusiasts (but also speculators) have started targeting cashiers, in the hope that, by putting them under pressure, they will be able to get told when the next restock will take place.


And in the meantime, the resellers are reselling the Logan Paul drink at exorbitant prices

The situation is a little reminiscent of the hype that arose around Nutella Biscuits in Italy, immediately after their launch. Also in this case the product is in great demand but is supplied in significantly lower quantities than the actual customer demand. Also in this case, many have seen it as an easy earning opportunity: this is how reseller professionals have been created, who camp out in supermarkets waiting for the shelves to be refilled with the drink, which they then buy in large quantities so that they can resell online at exorbitant prices.

Marketing expert Eddie Hammerman, however, rejects the explanations of Logan Paul and KSI (former boxer and co-creator of the brand), explaining that it is naive to believe that the initial scarcity of the product was not created at the table for increase public attention. “A phenomenon like this doesn’t arise spontaneously over the course of a day, you don’t create demand for a product randomly,” he said. “This is a very well thought out marketing operation and probably the fruit of several months of planning”.


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