Liver cancer: here’s how to predict it


Until a few years ago, most of cancerous liver diseases were linked to hepatitis B and C infections. Today, liver cancer affects people between 55 and 75 years of age. It is hepatocellular carcinoma in subjects without infection, having no symptoms. However, they present a pathological condition of steatosis, i.e. an accumulation of fat that can cause subsequent fibrosis. 


A research team has proven that those with liver fibrosis and a low level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) are more likely to get liver cancer. The disease can be predicted as early as five years before diagnosis. The researchers analyzed over 1000 subjects, suspected patients with metabolic problems. 


Individuals who developed hepatocellular carcinoma in the following five years, at the first evaluation at time 0, showed lower levels of HDL cholesterol, for the same liver fibrosis. Furthermore, by selecting patients who later developed cancer among those who five years earlier had low HDL cholesterol, we observed that they showed a significant increase in waist size, which is a measure of fat deposits in visceral adipose tissue and a sign of inflammation of the organism.

Professor Antonio Moschetta, at the ‘Aldo Moro’ University of Bari


In summary, it may be possible to prevent this type of cancer with nutritional and/or drug changes




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