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LinkedIn tests post scheduling feature

The shipment scheduling feature can be accessed via Android and versions soon. It is similar to Facebook post scheduling in terms of user experience. 

After Instagram, he started working on post-scheduling on LinkedIn. Nima Owji, who is known for discovering the features in the test version of applications, announced that he is testing the LinkedIn post-scheduling feature last month. Matt Navara, another famous name on this subject, also shared the feature with his followers this month, and the subject became final. 





Navara stated in its statement that the feature can be accessed via Android and Web versions. The scheduling feature is displayed with a clock icon in the lower right corner of the post-creation screen. When you touch the clock icon, you can select the date and time. It is similar to Facebook post scheduling in terms of user experience. 

Content planning, a feature that marketing professionals have been waiting for for many years, has been on the agenda of social networks for the last few months. Instagram announced in a post it shared at the beginning of November that users can now schedule photos, carousels, or reel posts 75 days in advance.


Although social media companies have started to take steps to support post-sharing and content producers, it is possible to say that content planning and analysis tools have already created their markets.

Over the years, we have seen successful local initiatives such as RADAR in this market, where social network content planning tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer have come to the fore.

We can say that these new features of Instagram and LinkedIn will create a change in the market. However, considering that these content tools have turned into detailed analysis and tracking tools over time beyond post-planning, it is not possible to say that the tools will be adversely affected. 


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