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Life is Strange 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch: here is the release date

Life is Strange 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch: here is the release date.


Life is Strange 2 is also preparing to arrive on Nintendo Switch. Square Enix and Don’t Nod have announced with a trailer that the second chapter of Life is Strange will arrive on the eShop on February 2, 2023 . In essence, the Nintendo Switch port will re-propose the exact same content already available on other platforms, but re-proposed in complete form with all 5 episodes available in a single package. Let’s see the announcement trailer:


As you can see, the video traces the events of the second season of Life is Strange. The game is the second installment in the acclaimed series of narrative adventures by Don’t Nod and tells the story of two brothers on the run across the United States. In Life is Strange 2 the brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz find themselves having to flee from the police after a traumatic event unleashes the telekinetic powers of little Daniel, forcing his older brother to take the initiative and flee with him. In the role of the older brother, we will be solely responsible for the safety, security and well-being of Daniel, but also for how he will grow up and learn to use his powers during a trip to the United States in a desperate attempt to get there. in Mexico.

Even if on a playful level Life is Strange 2 dares less than the first, unforgettable chapter of the series, the game still manages to give a structured and emotionally deep story capable of dealing with even more mature themes than its predecessor, such as those of education and of growth, with the right dose of intensity and delicacy.

Before leaving you, we also remind you that Life is Strange 2 will be available on the eShop at a cost of 31.99 euros with a package that includes all the episodes of the season. An excellent opportunity to recover the entire adventure, if you haven’t already done so.

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