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Libero is broken down again: the reports increase dramatically

Libero is broken down again: the reports increase dramatically.


Only a few days have passed since the restoration of the correct functioning of Libero and Virgilio, two of the most popular e-mail services in our country. They were both offline for several days, cutting millions of Italians out of their inbox.


Initially, it was assumed that the failure could depend on a cyber attack. Subsequently, the company that controls both services reassured users, revealing that the disruptions had been caused by a serious technical problem.

Apparently, the nightmare isn’t over yet. The situation is still unclear and we don’t know exactly the causes and extent of the new fault, which at the moment seems to have affected only Libero. The site works correctly, but in these hours the specialized portal down detector reports that hundreds of Italian users have encountered some form of disservice. The problem is probably, once again, with the e-mail service .

As we write this news, over 500 users have reported that they are unable to use Libero Mail correctly. The problem, however, does not seem to have affected Virgil as well.


Both e-mail services are controlled by the ItaliaOnLine company . In recent days several consumer associations had ordered the company to restore the correct functioning of the two services and to arrange compensation for the users affected by the problem, threatening the possibility of presenting a class action in the event that the company decides not to protect its users.


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