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Ledger Stax’s technical details, price, and the story of Tony Fadell, who designed the iPod, joining Ledger

Let’s take a look at Ledger Stax’s technical details, price and Tony Fadell’s joining Ledger story together. 

Ledger , the crypto hardware wallet company , and Tony Fadell, the designer of the iPod, came together to design Ledger Stax. Referred to as the new iPod of crypto, Ledger Stax offers accessibility and interaction features to store and manage your crypto and digital collectibles. Let’s take a look at Ledger Stax’s technical details, price and Tony Fadell’s joining Ledger story together. 


Technical details and price of Ledger Stax

Prioritizing safety, Ledger Stax’s new E Ink screen covers the front surface and curves around itself like the spine of a book. In this way, you can see all transaction information at a single glance.

E Ink screen stays on all the time. So even when Ledger Stax is turned off, you can see your favorite artworks on the device’s screen. Let’s say that the E Ink screen has a resolution of 672 x 400 pixels. 

battery life

In addition, the Ledger Stax, which weighs 45g, draws attention with its energy efficiency. Once you fully charge the battery, it can stay on for weeks and sometimes even months. Ledger  Stax also supports wireless Qi charging technology.

Tony Fadell,  in collaboration with Layer, designed Ledger Stax in such a way that users with multiple devices can easily carry and stack their credit card sized (85mm x 54mm x 6mm) Staxes with integrated magnets.


The curved E Ink back shows the contents of the device, like a book in a library. Ledger Stax uses the type-C USB port to connect to the Ledger Live app on your laptop  . It is possible to use a Bluetooth connection to connect to the Ledger Live Mobile application on your smartphone .

In addition, the company will enable you to access Web 3.0 applications from anywhere with the crypto wallet extension Ledger Connect, which will be released soon.

Ledger’s NFT approach: Infinity Pass 

With Ledger Stax, you can manage your NFT collection and over 500 cryptocurrencies and assets. In the future, we can say that Ledger ‘s developer community will be able to develop Web 3.0 applications that are much more accessible without compromising security thanks to the touch interface.

Ledger Stax will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Let us state that those who wish can pre-order from Ledger .com/tr . On the pre-order page, the price of Stax appears as 5.390.00 TL. 

Meanwhile, every Ledger Stax box includes an Infinity Pass. By having a free NFT with this Pass, you can take advantage of future special benefits. Also, you can mint a Ledger  Stax NFT  in Ledger Market to  gain access to an exclusive NFT artwork created by Ledger ‘s handpicked artist network.

It is also worth adding that you can access a Ledger Stax device. At this point , Ledger   Market Genesis Pass holders will have a special minting priority during this minting phase.

How did Tony Fadell join Ledger? 

According to the interview in Wired , it all started in 2020 when Ledger chairman Pascal Gauthier wanted to add an American approach to the French establishment at Ledger. He realized that the team did a great job developing innovations, but not so great when it came to bringing those innovations to market and commercializing them. Pascal Gauthier thought that this also slowed growth. That’s why he first approached Beats Music CEO and Apple Music co-founder Ian Rogers to join the team. 

Ian Rogers, who was willing to join Ledger in 2020, asked Tony Fadell, whom he met and befriended on the occasion of his children going to the same school, to research the company. Fadell, who was a quiet investor at that time, started to warm up to Ledger as he got to know the company and the team. CTO Charles Guillemet, who joined the team in 2017, introduced the company’s operations to Tony Fadell. 

“I didn’t believe in the crypto hype, but I do believe in its technology,” Fadell said at the time. uses the phrase. After Fadell told Rogers that the company was solid, Rogers took over as chief experience officer at the company in January 2021. 

With the addition of Ariel Wengroff to the content side of Rogers, the Ledger Academy project came to life. While the team’s lack of developer or engineering background met some resistance, Gauthier focused on tens of millions of device sales, billions in revenue, and valuation. 

Rogers’ biggest contribution to the company was his friend Fadell’s interest in Ledger. Fadell saw a weakness in Ledger’s plan. First of all, the device was aesthetically unattractive. To unlock the wallet, a strange interface was used and you had to enter a four to eight digit password. Fadell started thinking about creating a better solution for this interface and device. 

After a short while, Fadell met Gauthier in a cafe in Paris. At this meeting, they agreed that the company needed the next product for Ledger to have a more attractive appearance.

Although their paths parted briefly, Fadell continued to brainstorm. Fadell then met with Gauthier again, developing a vision for solving this problem. Gauthier immediately accepted Fadell’s offer, “I want to be the lead designer on this.”

Highlights in the product development process

For Fadell, the most important criteria were that the new product should be in the size of a credit card, be stackable and have a touch screen. Tony Fadell, who preferred E Ink as a screen for energy saving, wanted to extend the screen along the edge of the device. However, none of the E Ink screens he had seen so far could meet this request. 

So he contacted his old friend in the UK, investor Hermann Hauser, who has a history of unsuccessful e-book ventures with E Ink. Plastic Logic made custom E Ink screens that could bend. So Fadell decided to produce hundreds of thousands of displays with a much sharper curve and lower cost. 

But not everything was rosy during the development process. Most of the dev team said Fadell’s vision was unlikely to come true. In fact, Gauthier claims to have suppressed a minor rebellion within the team. Despite challenges during development, the team unveiled its first prototype in October. 

Tony Fadell states the following in his statement: 

After getting to know Ledger ‘s proven security technology and trying all the ‘best’ hardware wallets on the market,  I was convinced to develop a new generation device with Pascal, Ian and Ledger ‘s amazing team. Just being user-friendly is not enough! We needed to create a product that would delight users and appeal to everyone, not just enthusiasts of digital asset security.

Pascal Gauthier, Chairman of  Ledger , made the following statement about the product:

In the Ledger Nano™ series, we have created the most successful digital asset security hardware of all time. No one has been able to hack these devices, which are sold more than 5 million times all over the world.

Digital assets are no longer just cryptos like Bitcoin. Identity and digital property issues are gaining more and more importance. It’s time to create a device designed with the needs of mainstream users in mind. Of course, while doing this, we must not compromise on security in any way. We did it with Ledger Stax! It is both secure and accessible.


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