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Layers of Fears will not be the third installment in the series and will tell a new story


Layers of Fears will not be the third installment of the Bloober Team series, but will tell a new story. This was reported by Anna Jasinska, Chief Marketing Officer at Bloober Team who during an interview underlined that the game will be based on a new concept capable of combining the best elements of Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2 with new gameplay mechanics and a new story.


We’ve handpicked the best things from the series to create a definitive story that towers over the entire franchise. Something that has never happened before in the gaming industry, and which we could define as a ‘reimagining’ of the brand – said Anna Jasinska.

The game will offer a fascinating and artistic experience thanks to some extraordinary materials, a new and engaging story, a redesigned gameplay. We can’t wait to find out how fans will react to the incredible graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5: Layers of Fears will be a visual masterpiece!

The narration connected to the events of the first two episodes of the series will be perceived clearly by those who have played them, revealing hitherto ignored points of contact. Layers of Fears will show how those two experiences merge into one great work, but newcomers will also be able to experience the emotions that have always characterized the series.

Layers of Fear is a psychological horror released in 2016, which proved to be quite successful and followed in 2019 by Layers of Fear 2. Announced on the occasion of the Summer Game Fest, Layers of Fears instead immediately appeared as a sort of reboot of the saga, with new characters and a new story. The game is entirely built in Unreal Engine 5 and will be available during 2023, in PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions.





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