Laughing: the secret of humor


Laughing is important for the evolutionary aspect of the human being, it’s an alarm that warns those around us of something like a ceased danger . We must start from the secret of humor, which is triggered in response to that strange and bizarre verse called laughter. There are those who have made a cure for laughter, such as clown therapy , by decreasing the anxiety of children and their parents. Give some good humor and confidence to patients in intensive care or the elderly, who experience moments of anguish.


Analyzing people who live with a rare disease , we are aware that there are diseases that are less studied and of reduced social interest. Today some treatments for these pathologies have arrived, but with the fear that these therapies will soon no longer be available and therefore feasible. 

Meanwhile Telethon is shouldering the marketing costs of Strimvelis , one of the gene therapies available thanks to the research it has supported. For the flu front , four flu viruses will be circulating in the coming weeks. Keep the mask in crowded places, wash your hands often and stay at home if you have fever and flu symptoms. These precautions are not for everyone, but they are valid for the most fragile subjects such as the elderly and newborns. Prevention better than cure! 

  • Laugh? Serious thing. Let’s find out what’s behind it (


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