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LAPSUS: two alleged members arrested, they are 16 and 17 years old. But the attacks continue


London police announced on Friday that they had placed handcuffs on two of the hackers behind LAPSUS$ , the most feared and prolific cybercriminal group of the moment — the same one that has successfully hacked the likes of NVIDIA, Microsoft and Samsung . The suspects under arrest are 16 and 17 years old respectively .


Despite the first arrests, LAPSUS$ continues to operate, regardless of the possible legal consequences. In the days immediately following the arrest, LAPSUS$ claimed responsibility for a new attack against Globant , a company specializing in the development of software.

LAPSUS$ has also made itself known for its active presence on social networks. The criminal group has an official Telegram channel, where hackers often have conversations with fans. The objectives of some cyber attacks – such as the one against Vodafone – were decided by Telegram users, after some surveys.

As in the past, LAPSUS$ punished its latest victim by leaking over 70GB of confidential documents and files online.


Scotland Yard has announced the validation of the arrest of the two teenagers suspected of being members of the LAPSUS group. The young alleged hackers will go on trial this week. The British police have already arrested more than seven people suspected of being part of the criminal group, although many arrests have not been validated . The oldest suspect was just 21 years old.



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