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Konami promises many new features for 2023, including new projects and games from already known series

Konami promises many new features for 2023, including new projects and games from already-known series.


In the usual greeting message for fans reported by Famitsu, Konami promised it has big news in store for 2023 including new developments concerning series already known to players, but also new projects yet to be revealed.


This is the year of the Rabbit (according to the Chinese calendar, ed), so we are planning power-ups and new developments of familiar series”, reads Konami’s message. “Also, we are making progress on new projects that we have yet to announce.

The greeting message closes with an invitation to fans to continue following Konami to find out all the latest updates, which we know will therefore concern both unpublished titles and potential returns or remakes of games belonging to its most iconic series. 

The first thought obviously goes to the rumored remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 , a project at the center of rumors for years now and which could be under development at Virtuos. It is also likely that there are also other Silent Hill games yet to be revealed and which add to the already known Townfall, fe Silent Hill 2 remake. One of these could be the talked about Silent Hill: The Short Message , an alleged interactive demo of a new game not yet announced and whose cover and official description have already been leaked. In addition to this, Dusk Golem has revealed that there should be three other projects in the pipeline. One of these should be in the early stages of development.


In any case, we just have to wait for more explanations from Konami which at this point should not be long in coming.

  • Konami teases ‘new developments for familiar series’ and unannounced new projects in the works (


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