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Killer Instinct, a clue hints at the return of the saga (and there is a countdown)

The Code Mystics development team has published a tweet that clearly refers to the Killer Instinct series, without any warning.

Among the most popular fighting games in the 90s, Killer Instinct is certainly one of the greatest exponents of the genre to which it belongs, just below sagas such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter .


The latest installment of the series released on Xbox (which you can find on Amazon ) has certainly been appreciated by fans, although it has not impacted the industry as many hoped.

In our old review we told you that «Killer Instinct is a mature title, which expertly mixes a particularly high quality work both in single player and in multiplayer, with particular attention to the competitive» .


Now, as reported on Reddit , it really seems that there has been a hint of a new, alleged chapter in the historic dating fighting game series.

The development team called Code Mystics has in fact published a tweet that clearly refers to the Killer Instinct series , without any apparent warning.


This obviously fuels the rumors about a possible new chapter in the saga born in the arcade and then successfully converted to the Nintendo consoles of the time.


In the tweet – which can be viewed just below – it is possible to notice a rather cheesy three-dimensional image that clearly refers to the original arcade cabinet (indeed, two).


As if that weren’t enough, a strange web address (which refers to this page ) is also visible at the bottom of the image, complete with a countdown that should expire at 4.30 in the morning Italian time on December 2nd.


At the moment it is not clear what will happen at the end of the countdown, although as often happens it is advisable to avoid easy enthusiasm. We will keep you posted.

We recall that months ago the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, Phil Spencer, had discussed how Killer Instinct is seen internally in the Redmond House during the Dropped Frames podcast.

Staying on the beat ’em up theme, the next Mortal Kombat 12  could give more space to the 3D era fighters , often absent from the rosters of the last few chapters.

Not to mention that Street Fighter 6 also promises to be a really good exponent of the Capcom fighting game saga.


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