Kavala invitation to Hulusi Akar

In Greece, where moderate messages were sent to Turkey after the earthquakes, this time Defense Minister Panayiotopulos said he wanted to invite his counterpart Hulusi Akar to Kavala.

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayiotopoulos said that he intends to send an invitation to the Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar for their meeting in the coming period.


Elections are on April 9 Panayiotopulos, who is also the deputy of the city of Kavala, asked the question “Will you meet with Akar before the elections?” in his statement in the weekly newspaper To Vima, “I would like to invite Akar to an election speech I will make in Kavala. What do you think?” he replied. Elections in Greece Are Expected To Be Held On 9 April.


Panayiotopoulos stated that a step that can be taken in a positive direction in Turkish-Greek relations could be the resumption of the dialogue between the military delegations of the two countries regarding confidence-building military measures in the Aegean.

F-35 and S-300s

Regarding the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Athens, Panayiotopoulos stated the following:


– “ We expect the US to send a response to the letter of intent we sent for the purchase of F-35 Aircraft In The Spring And Possibly Before The Elections. Blinken told us that they are in the final stages of answering. F-35s will provide superiority in terms of quality.

– The Americans reiterated their demand that we deliver the S-300 Missiles (Deployed On The Island Of Crete) To Ukraine. We also repeated that we cannot give away the weapons that are important for our defense, and that we cannot weaken our defense.”


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