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Julius Caesar added to Civilization VI

Julius Caesar, who left the throne to his son with Civilization 5, was added to Civilization VI for free, all you have to do is link your 2K account.

Julius Caesar arrives at Civilization VI. It had been a long time since Caesar had appeared in the game. The legendary emperor of Rome will be offered in the game as an alternative to Trajan, who ruled Rome and can be obtained for free. Battle Pass came to Civilization 6 some time ago and added leaders such as Abraham Lincoln (USA), Queen Nzinga Mbande (Congo), and Sultan Saladin (Arabia) to the game.


Julius Caesar arrives at Civilization VI

Caesar, who is one of the leaders who are famous for his conquests in world history, of course, comes with certain bonuses. You will earn some gold when you destroy barbarian settlements with Caesar or conquer a new city. This amount will increase if you focus on improving Steel in the tech tree. Caesar’s pros will make it easier for you to keep your armies alive and keep your newly acquired cities connected to the empire.

Julius Caesar to Civilization VI

Jul Caesar took part in the first 4 games of the Civilization series, and with the 5th game, he left the throne to his son Augustus Caesar. In the 6th game, Trajan took over the Empire. It seems that Caesar has returned from vacation and is ready to begin his world conquest again. To unlock Caesar, all you have to do is link your 2K account to Civilization 6.


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