‘Jorge Jesus’ tactic against Argentina with Lionel Messi! Record broken, goals canceled

Apart from the shocking score in Argentina’s match against Saudi Arabia, where eyes were on Lionel Messi, there was another detail that was talked about a lot… The traces of Jorge Jesus’ game philosophy, who served in 2018 in Saudi Arabia, which came out with a risky game format against Argentina. He showed himself in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

In The First Match Of The World Cup Group C, Argentina and Saudi Arabia faced off, and the fight, which ended with the victory of Arabia 2-1, was marked by the goals that were canceled due to offside.


Argentina was offside 7 times against Saudi Arabia as of the 35th minute. The ball met the nets in 3 of 7 offside decisions.

In the 22nd minute, the goal scored by Lionel Messi was not valid due to offside. Lautaro Martinez’s goal in the 27th minute in Argentina was canceled due to offside as a result of the VAR review. In the 35th minute, the offside flag was lifted in the goal scored by Martinez. 

Caught in the offside flag seven times in the first half of the match against Saudi Arabia, Argentina has already surpassed its total number of matches in four matches in the 2018 World Cup (6). Argentina has been tied for the offside flag 8 times in total.


While Saudi Arabia came out with a risky game format against Argentina, it frequently used offside tactics in defense. While Arabia was successful in this tactic, it also gave its opponent wide areas behind the defense.

Lionel Messili Argentina's Jorge Jesus tactic Record broken, goals canceled


Saudi Arabia’s offside tactic brought Jorge Jesus to mind. The traces of the game philosophy of the Portuguese coach who coached the Al Hilal team in this country in 2018 showed itself in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


Another remarkable point is; Many players from the Al Hilal team are also the main skeleton of the Arabian national team. 9 players from the first 11 against Argentina are playing in the Al Hilal team.

Ali Albulayhi, who started the match against Argentina, worked with Yasir Al Shahrani, Salman Al Faraj, Salem Al Dawsari and Mohammed Kanoo at the same time as Jorge Jesus.

Showing an understanding of open football instead of closed defense against Argentina, the Saudis also frequently resorted to the offside tactic that we are familiar with from Fenerbahce Of Jesus.

This situation also attracted the attention of football fans watching the Argentina – Saudi Arabia match. There was a lot of sharing on the subject on social media.


Lionel Messili Argentina's Jorge Jesus tactic Record broken, goals canceled



Entering the season under the management of Jorge Jesus, the most obvious change this season is the desire to play the game in the opponent’s field and the tactical moves made in this direction.

In this structure, the biggest handicap of the teams that intend to play the game in the 2nd and 3rd regions and carry the defense to the middle area is the wide gaps formed behind the defense and the threat of counter attack. In this sense, Jorge Jesus makes his players memorize different defense tactics in order to minimize the danger. 

Fenerbahce defense, which welcomes the opponent in a line, has been maintaining this understanding since the beginning of the season, while trying to act as a team in order to leave the opponents on the offside. Especially in the last 5 weeks, the offside figures of the competitors reveal that special studies have been carried out on this issue.

In the matches of Adana Demirspor, Konyaspor, Kayserispor, Alanyaspor and Beşiktaş , the opponents were offside 32 times in total.


In the match played in the league, the goal scored by Beşiktaş with Weghorst in the 17th minute was also canceled due to offside, while the tactic of the yellow-dark blue team gave results in the whole game. Under The Leadership Of JORGE JESUS , Fenerbahce, trying to shorten the playing distance and establishing the defense in the front area, managed to fend off the opponent’s offensive variations with the offside tactic. So much so that Beşiktaş played the most offside match this season.


Lionel Messili Argentina's Jorge Jesus tactic Record broken, goals canceled



Lionel Messi, who played in five different World Cups with Argentina; He became the 5th player to achieve this after Antonio Carbajal, Rafael Marquez, Gianluigi Buffon and Lothar Matthaus. Cristiano Ronaldo and Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa will also be included in this list when they play in the 2022 World Cup. Lionel Messi, who shook the

Saudi Arabian Nets From The Penalty In The 10th Minute; He became the first player to score for Argentina in four different World Cups, beating Diego Maradona (1982, 1986 & 1994) and Gabriel Batistuta (1994, 1998 & 2002).
Messi also made history as the fourth player to score in four different World Cups, after Uwe Seeler, Miroslav Klose, and Cristiano Ronaldo.


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