Jealousy: link with vilification and disbelief


Jealousy creates a triangle, where two people believe a third person exists. It predicts feelings of devaluation , the jealous person distrusts, is insecure and afraid of being abandoned. She comes to imagine how her partner can cheat on her. Not always the suspicion of another person’s existence destroys the relationship, sometimes it can strengthen it. 


Often the third person is not a real lover. Lovers can be work, parties, TV, meeting friends and hobbies At the base of the triangle, however, there is also devaluation. A jealous person has low self-esteem , otherwise they wouldn’t have strange thoughts about possible betrayal by their partner. 

The mechanism of jealousy tends to create dead ends and no answers. Sometimes nothing is more believable for someone who suffers from jealousy. A wife who is really obsessed with jealousy for her husband tends to suffocate him by pushing the man to really create a lover and look for fresh air. Jealousy leads to arguments , and verbal and physical violence can ignite. Then comes the aggressor’s guilt, after the forgiveness of the attacked person. A period of apparent calm before returning to violence. 

Jealousy therefore can also arise from the imagination of the betrayal of the spouse creating all these disasters. It can be defined as an insult to trust and a praise to the lie. Don’t blame the other for your weaknesses or low self-esteem. You have to value your partner , you have to look into her eyes and observe how your partner looks at us. Value to be valued. 

  • Jealousy, vilification and disbelief: how are they connected? (


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