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James Gunn will take over Suicide Squad and all future DC games

James Gunn has big plans for video games from DC Comics brands, including Suicide Squad, to be part of cinematic canon.

The world of video games is now perfectly integrated into pop culture, and James Gunn must also be of this opinion, who has decided to take Suicide Squad and all future DC Comics video games.


He would also have the right, if he wanted to, since the latest feature film on the team of anti-heroes bears his signature (and you can buy it on Amazon ).

The same Suicide Squad which, at the moment, is having a very troubled production life as it is set for some vague time of 2023.


And while the authors of the recent Gotham Knights are working on a new triple A , James Gunn will take the lion’s share in the gaming world.

James Gunn will take over Suicide Squad and all future DC games

James Gunn has become co-CEO of DC Studios along with Peter Safran, effectively becoming responsible for all that will be DC Comics products in the cinema.


And, as reported by Eurogamer , the director has declared that all DC Comics video games will be part of the DC Cinematic Universe , or the shared universe of films and series of the Distinguished Competition.


In an exchange on Twitter , Gunn stated that “the DCU will be connected between film and TV (and animation) . “

When asked specifically if this statement included video games, Gunn answered with a simple and clear “yes” .



We don’t know if Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad will already be part of this project , but it’s likely that James Gunn and his team can make it happen.

Surely future DC Comics video games will become part of the shared narrative of the world of heroes and villains of the publishing house.

Of course, this initiative comes at a very delicate moment , because the Suicide Squad development team also faces very serious allegations of harassment.

Who knows if Injustice 3 will be part of the shared universe though, given that it has always had a very different story from the one DC Comics films and series have accustomed us to.



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