Italy: Turkey, China and US must press for ceasefire

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani said that he believes that Turkey, China and the US should put more pressure on the Ukraine-Russia war to stop the firing and start negotiations.

Tajani, who attended the “Solidarity with the Ukrainian People” conference held in Paris, the capital of France, said in a statement to the Italian press, “Peace in Ukraine is unfortunately not very close, but we should never despair. Russia’s understanding that this crazy war against Ukraine cannot continue. “We have to work for it and do everything we can.”


“We hope that this war will end as soon as possible with the only just solution on this issue, the solution based on the independence of Ukraine,” Tajani said.

When asked whether peace talks are on the horizon or not, Tajani stated that all kinds of talks should be facilitated and said, “I believe that Turkey, China and the United States should put more pressure to stop the fire and start negotiations, and they can do it.”

Antonio Tajani pointed out that the Russians can give a signal by taking the first step in this regard regarding the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

Tajani stated that Italy is ready to do its part in helping civilians in Ukraine and that they will allocate 10 million euros.


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