Italy expects steps to be taken on energy at the EU Leaders Summit

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that he expects progress to be made on the issue of high energy costs at the European Union (EU) Leaders’ Summit.

Before the last EU Leaders’ Summit of the year, which will be held in Brussels today and tomorrow, Italian Prime Minister Meloni made evaluations to the members of the press on the issues on the agenda.


Asked about his expectations from the summit, Prime Minister Meloni said, “I expect forward steps to be taken in the energy file. We have been called to confirm our support for Ukraine regarding this issue.” said.

Meloni stated that the energy issue is political rather than technical, and that effective responses should be given to it, adding, “The Council has what it takes to take a step forward and we will seek effective joint solutions.” he said.

Pointing out that Italy is in an important position in the Mediterranean in terms of relations with North African and Mediterranean countries, cooperation in energy and irregular migration, Meloni said, “We want to address the issue of migration at a structural level. We will do our part.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that his government prepared the budget shortly after its establishment, Prime Minister Meloni noted that the last opinion of the EU Commission was the confirmation that they had prepared a serious budget.



When asked about the corruption investigation in the European Parliament (EP), Meloni said, “The scenario is alarming. The news points to something we could never imagine. A reaction should be shown in the face of such events. We should go to the end without any discount because it is a question about the credibility of the EU and our nations. We will demand full light on what happened.” gave the answer.


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