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It seems that even Microsoft will soon announce the mass layoff of thousands of employees

It seems that even Microsoft will soon announce the mass layoff of thousands of employees.


Microsoft is preparing to announce the most important job cuts in its history. This was anticipated by Sky News, which cites informed sources.


Microsoft is just the latest in a growing list of major tech companies that have announced mass layoffs of large numbers of their employees. Just today Amazon announced the layoff of more than 18,000 employees worldwide.

According to Sky News, Microsoft is preparing to lay off 11,000 employees . The giant currently employs over 220,000 people worldwide, of which 6,000 in the United Kingdom alone (home of the editorial staff of Sky News). The redundancies would affect about 5% of the entire Microsoft workforce .

For the moment, confirmations have not yet arrived from the company: Sky News explains that it has not been able to verify the information independently, although quoting some analysts who not only consider the news plausible but who even say they are “surprised that Microsoft does not intend lay off an even higher number of employees”.


Microsoft has focused more and more resources on cloud computing. On January 24, Satya Nadella will inform investors of the company’s latest financial results and it is likely that any mass layoffs will be announced before that date.



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