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It is already possible to try Bing with ChatGPT also in Italy


This week, Microsoft announced the upcoming integration of ChatGPT , the popular OpenAI chatbot, into Bing, its search engine. It is a novelty that could potentially revolutionize search engines as we know them.


Microsoft has already shown several examples of how ChatGPT will revolutionize user experience in the future. The AI ​​on which Bing’s new interactive features are based is called Prometheus and is a customized and optimized version of GPT 3.5, which in turn is a slightly superior model to the one used in the public version of ChatGPT.

Immediately after the announcement, Microsoft made a sort of demo of the new version of Bing with integrated chatbot available to US users. For a few days it has also been possible to try it in Italy.


For the avoidance of doubt, it is not possible to freely interact with the chatbot. Not yet, at least. Bing just provides a few pre-set prompts for you to choose from. If you select the “Let’s Chat” option, Microsoft sends us to a page that invites us to leave contacts to be notified when the new version of Bing will be officially made available to everyone.

To access the demo of Bing with AI, simply visit the main page of the search engine and then scroll the panel below the search bar until the “Try” option appears.


Meanwhile, the announcement of the imminent integration of ChatGPT within Bing has brought the search engine a new and unprecedented popularity: Bing has tripled the accesses compared to the average, moreover the official application of the search engine is over. for the first time, in the top 10 most downloaded apps of the US version of the Apple App Store.


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