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Is your Nvidia GPU throwing a tantrum? It could be Discord’s fault

Is your Nvidia GPU throwing a tantrum? It could be Discord’s fault.


Discord, the popular voice chat service for gamers (and others), is currently facing an issue that significantly penalizes the latest NVIDIA graphics cards. After a recent update, some graphics cards, especially those using GDDR6 memory, experienced a dramatic performance degradation when using Discord. This has caused massive system slowdowns for users.


The problem effectively prevents the GPUs from reaching their maximum speed when the program is running. It’s no small problem, considering that Discord (which even today hosts a very heterogeneous range of communities) is aimed above all at gamers, who use it to communicate with each other in all those video games that don’t have a good in-game chat system. game. NVIDIA has already announced that it is aware of the problem and has promised that a patch will be released shortly to fix the situation.

In reality, users can already neutralize the problem and “free” the GPUs with a rather simple workaround. While waiting for the patch promoted by NVIDIA, users will only have to access the Discord settings and disable the “hardware acceleration” function. Discord could be a little worse, but in return your GPU will be able to exploit its full potential again.


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