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Is Twitter working on a feature to edit Tweets, or is it an April Fool’s joke?


Over time there have been multiple reports to the Twitter platform complaining of the absence of a button to edit the Tweets of the platform, the classic posts that are inserted and that once loaded can only be deleted in case of errors.


Finally, it seems that the wait is over, given that in fact she would be working on a button to modify the posts that are inserted, even if it must be considered that everything was communicated on April 1, 2022, the day typical for jokes even by big companies.

In fact, it is not clear whether we will really see everything being implemented on the platform, but at this point, given the fact that the message is quite short and does not contain much information , we can only wait for more news in this sense, hoping that the company will soon have the opportunity to deepen everything.

It must also be said that if everything were true, it would be necessary to properly report all the Tweets that are modified, perhaps through a special system like other platforms do, as users have had the opportunity to point out by commenting on everything.



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