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Is MultiVersus really dead and gone? The data speak for themselves

MultiVersus player count has dropped 99% since launch on Steam, a bad wake-up call for the Warner Bros. game.

Is MultiVersus really dead and gone? The data speak for themselves


Warner Bros. Games seemed to want to bet a lot on MultiVersus , the game that promised great news and additions of a certain weight for 2023. However, the numbers seem to say otherwise .

The half-brother of the well-known  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  (which you can also find  on  Amazon ), available in free-to-play, has offered an increasingly rich roster of fighters since its launch.

After all, Season 2 seemed to have started off on the right foot , with great joy from the historical players, who have never really complained about the lack of support for the game.


It is also true that in unsuspecting times the players were divided over the fate of MultiVersus , so much so that now a bad signal has arrived about the collapse of interest in the game .

As also reported by Gamereactor, the number of players of MultiVersus has dropped by 99% since the launch on Steam . Considering it’s only been seven months since the game’s release, that sounds like a bad wake-up call .


It seems that the contents of Season 2 that have failed to improve their fortunes, so many that many have abandoned Warner’s platform fighting game .

The situation is serious: MultiVersus ‘ daily peak of players has dropped below 1000, with only 986 players joining the game through Valve’s digital store.

Either way it’s possible that there are still small communities of players on other platforms, but SteamDB’s data certainly shows a game struggling to keep users interested .

We can’t say for sure if MultiVersus will be able to recover from the abyss , but apparently the development team will have to work very hard if they want to bring back a consistent player base.


Staying on the subject, the Warner title would have also inspired some illustrious competitors to attempt similar operations: it seems that SEGA intends to work on “its” MultiVersus .

If in any case you are among those who still play it, let’s see all our guides  to  Multiversus , the platform brawler with the heroes and protagonists of the Warner Bros. worlds.


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