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Is Coca-Cola working on a smartphone?


In these hours we are talking about the possibility that Coca-Cola will present one of its smartphones on the market. It is not clear how true this is, but for the moment several well-known leakers have decided to play along. Including Ice Universe, a name that requires no introduction: it is one of the most trusted tipsters globally.


However, the elements in our possession are very few. For example, there is the alleged render showing the body of the phone. A render that, in a certain sense, arouses a bit of déjà-vu. Where have we seen that design?

It would really look like a rebranded Realme 10, with a (honestly pretty) Coca-Cola red body and obviously the inevitable logo of the giant of carbonated drinks.

And then we have a Twitter page, which was set up several months ago but has never posted anything. The page in question is called ‘ Colaphone ‘ and follows a few big names in the smartphone industry, including Realme and Xiaomi, as well as OPPO, Samsung, Apple and OnePlus.


What is certain is that lately Coca-Cola has been indulging a lot with prize initiatives, even in Italy, where an official application for some points collections was recently launched. It is not difficult for us to imagine that a possible Cola Phone will not actually be put on the market but could be the coveted prize of a new Coca-Cola competition. But they are only our speculations: for the moment the company has not announced anything at all.


It wouldn’t be the first beverage company to attempt to make a smartphone, by the way. Pepsi had already tried it in 2015, with a crowdfunding campaign that was greeted with a rather lukewarm reception, to put it mildly. The project failed to raise even half of the funds required to begin production of the phone.



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