‘Irresponsible actions cause us to react even more’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un stated that they will not give up their nuclear deterrence policy and said, “Irresponsible actions will only cause us to give greater reactions.” made a warning.

North Korea, which has carried out 25 different missile tests since the beginning of this year, causing an increase in tension in the region, has made a statement regarding the latest weapons tests. State-controlled Korea Central News The Korean People’s Army (KPA) tactical nuclear operations units held military exercises from September 25 to October 9 to assess the country’s war deterrence and nuclear counterattack capability, according to the news in KCNA. Emphasizing that the exercises, which were stated as “a serious warning to the enemies”, were held during the joint exercises carried out by the USA and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula, the news said, “The Korean Workers’ Party (WPK) Central Military Commission, in the second half of September, stated that the to check the reliability of our state’s war deterrence and combat power, after discussing the military situation and its future,


Kim Jong-Un personally supervised

While the KCNA announced that Kim Jong-Un, Secretary General of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, supervised the exercises on site, it was announced that the short-range ballistic missile tested on September 25 was launched as part of a simulation of the use of tactical nuclear weapons. It was stated that the success of the system was proven in the ballistic missile launch exercise, which simulated the use of tactical nuclear warheads and was held on September 28 “to neutralize the airports in the operation zones of South Korea”. “The accuracy and power of our weapon systems has been proven by hitting the determined targets.” it was said.

Statement on the missile passing over Japan

Announcing that the missile, which was tested on October 4 and passed over Japan, is a “new type of ground-to-ground medium-range ballistic missile”, North Korea announced that the test was carried out “to send a stronger and clearer warning to the enemies.” The sharing of a photo where the leader of the country, Kim Jong-Un, followed the trajectory of the missile on the screen, also drew attention. On the other hand, it was noted that the missile tests on 6 and 9 October were also aimed at testing “super-large multiple rocket launchers”.

Kim Jong-Un is convinced

While it was noted that the exercises of the country’s tactical nuclear operation units, which included 7 tests, fully demonstrated the effectiveness of the nuclear combat forces ready to destroy the determined targets, Kim Jong-Un stated that after the exercises, “He firmly believes that he can entrust the most important military task, war deterrence, to any tactical nuclear operation unit. “he stated. Describing the exercises, which proved the country’s war deterrence, as “an opportunity to demonstrate full readiness for a nuclear defense position”, Kim stated that in this way, they gave a clear warning to their enemies about their nuclear attack capabilities.

“Our response will be greater”

“Intense military action by the enemies and the consistent, deliberate and irresponsible actions of the US and South Korean regimes to escalate tensions will only cause us to react more strongly,” he warned, adding that his enemies “still talk about dialogue and negotiation while posing military threats.” criticized.



He added that his country’s nuclear combat forces will continue to strengthen its nuclear deterrence policy, conscious of its duty to defend the honor, sovereignty and right to exist of the state.


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