Irpef: tax discounts, Meloni reform

Irpef: tax discounts, Meloni reform.


The Meloni government is at the next Irpef reform. And here we are talking about the personal income tax.


The government’s goal is to “soften” the personal income tax ratesaiming to bring them from the current four to three, as the Draghi executive wanted to do with the tax reform that was skipped at the end of the last legislature. In any case, the need remains to identify the necessary coverage, without budget deviations. So no head-turning: the executive line on public finances will remain extremely cautious. On IRES , the aim is to reward income reinvested in capital and labor and rationalize the tax base. As for VAT, the goal is harmonization at Community level, in terms of rates, tax base and application. However, there should be some first discounts on this tax for the tourism sector in the coming months. IRAP , on the other hand, needs to be profoundly reviewed, within the framework of a path that has already been undertaken some time ago. In practice, an attempt will be made to delete all or almost all of it as soon as possible. For now, then, a possible extension of the incremental flat tax to employees will be evaluated. It will be analyzed during the tax reform phase, with a general objective of creating a more equitable system without mismatches between the different categories of income.

Maurizio Leo, Deputy Minister of Economy


The aim is also to introduce the family quotient . A new method of calculating taxes linked to household income. To date, up to 15,000 euros of income you pay 15% of Irpef, which rises to 25% between 15,000 and 28,000. 35% from 28,000 to 50,000 and 43% over 50,000.

The government wants to reach three tax rates by 2027 . Two intermediate brackets could be merged, both brought to 27%. It is possible to reduce unproductive spending and guarantee greater revenue from the recovery of unpaid taxes with new tools and new facilities for taxpayers. In summary, the amount due is paid, quantified after a prior discussion with the tax authorities. 


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