Iron deficiency: here is the problem in diets


Tiredness, headache, pale complexion, brittle hair, and nails, but also irritability, and poor concentration are symptoms of a low iron level in the body. In the world today it is estimated that one-third of the population is affected by iron deficiency. In particular women of childbearing age and children under 5 years of age. An iron intake of between 10 and 18 milligrams per day is recommended.


Iron occurs in food products in two forms, as heme iron, which is found in meat and some fish, and as non-heme iron, which is found in both plant and animal products. They differ in their chemical form, but above all in their absorption mechanisms. Heme iron is highly bioavailable (25-30% of this form is absorbed), although it accounts for a minor portion of dietary iron, while absorption of non-heme iron is lower and more variable (1-10% of this form is absorbed). When heme iron is present in the meal, it will allow for greater absorption of non-heme iron as well. Foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, can also promote the absorption of non-heme iron, but eat meat remains the best weapon to fight what is defined as the martial deficit.

Elisabetta Bernardi, specialist in Food Science, biologist and nutritionist

Iron is used in several enzyme systems in the brain and in the regulation of brain growth . There is no iron deficiency. Half of the world’s preschool children and two out of three women of reproductive age are deficient in micronutrients and vitamins. It is caused by malnutrition 


Here are these tips to integrate iron and other micronutrients into the diet . Once or twice a week consume beef or pork. The leg of white meat is richer in iron, and do not eat fruit away from meals. It is always better to get children used to taking dishes rich in iron and micronutrients from an early age. 

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