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iPhone and iPad update: the new iOS update fixes battery problems


After the debut of iOS 15.4 , as we have also had the opportunity to deepen in the article that you find at this link , there have been many users who have complained about how the devices were dealing with abnormal battery consumption , but fortunately they have been resolved officially by the company.


About two weeks ago, in view of the release, after the first reports Apple had declared that it was a simple temporary problem that concerned the devices after installation due to the many operations that they had to perform, but it seems that some help was also needed from the upper floors.

Thanks to the new iOS update arrived for iPad and iPhone , as confirmed and reported on the pages of Digital Trends, we should no longer see the devices have abnormal consumption of their battery, with excellent news in this sense which, however, will only be able to arrive thanks to user feedback.

At the moment it is not clear what are the reasons behind the update in question, with the many reports that could result in one of these, or perhaps even with the fact that the giant may have initially underestimated the problem and then intervened at a later time.





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