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iPhone 16 could arrive with support for Face ID under the screen


As we have had the opportunity to explore in this article , the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has had to explore some of the news concerning the Apple world with which apparently we will have to do with the next iPhone . However, while there is talk of the alleged addition of Touch ID under the screen in the iPhone 14 , which seems increasingly unlikely, the well-known figure Ross Young also had the opportunity to investigate the matter specifically.


Specifically, the further analyst spoke of how the Face ID under the screen should arrive in the iPhone 16 , at least according to what has been anticipated up to now, but it seems that everything will not concern the Touch ID instead, to which Apple may even have renounced, waiting to opt for Face ID as the only type of biometric facial recognition.

It must be said that at the moment there are no major confirmations in this sense, and that in reality the opinions on the situation over the last few months have been somewhat discordant, with various sources that have also found themselves contradicting themselves at any moment other. Find below Ross Young’s answer to the pages of MacRumors which talks about the alleged presence of the Face ID under the screen of the iPhone 16.

Actually, all that remains is to receive official news from Apple on the matter, which will certainly take a very long time before making everything clear. Generally, the company’s phones are unveiled during the month of September each year thanks to a dedicated event , and also in 2022 it seems that we will therefore have to wait for the conference of the Cupertino giant in order to find out more. In the best case, we will be able to find out if this has already worked to implement some of these features in its phones.



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