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iPhone 15 will have rounded corners like iPhone 5C

New advances are popping up on Apple’s next smartphone, which should change materials and design compared to the latest generations

The iPhone 5C depicted in the cover photo could be the inspiration for the design of the next iPhone 15 expected in autumn 2023: not so much because of a body with bright colors as for the corners that would become rounded from flat. Furthermore, the next iPhone phone could count on a titanium structure that would increase resistance and a premium feel. A return to the past for Apple seems ready for a design change after a series of generations aligned on a rather similar aesthetic with the so-called flat edges and with the notches now destined to be forgotten.


The leaker Shrimp Apple Pro thought about revealing the design changes of the next generation of the Apple smartphone, who reports the first rumors regarding the appearance of the future iPhone 15: it can be considered a reliable source, given that in the recent past he had anticipated the presence edge of each iPhone 14 of 6 GB of ram. The flat corners of the latest generations (also seen on the iPad and MacBook) had received good feedback on an aesthetic level, but also some criticism since they made it a little more difficult to grab the smartphone, for example from a flat support. Albeit with the due caution of a preliminary rumor, the choice of rounded corners would go well with the now almost certain design change of the next iPhones, which would therefore switch to titanium as a material for the body, to the Dynamic Island (aka dynamic hole) instead of the notch for all models and the USB port for recharging instead of the lightning standard which will soon no longer be allowed on the European market. There will be no TouchId , not even under the display.


If the names seem to veer towards iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra , at the hardware level the ProMotion 120 Hz screen technology and also the new processor seem to be candidates as a prerogative of only the two more advanced models, while battery and improved camera should benefit the whole quartet.


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