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iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: leak would have revealed the specifications of the sensors


As recently anticipated on the Chinese social network Weibo , it seems that the way Apple will improve the potential of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is clear. Obviously we are not talking about official information, considering in fact that the devices should only appear during the month of September 2022, and we will certainly not have the opportunity to discover big news in this sense from Apple for a long time yet.


According to what we know, the main sensor will go from 12 MP to 48 MP . with the leaks of the specifications that would have confirmed further details of this big update potentially ready to change the cards on the table a lot. Apparently, the camera in question will have dimensions of 1 / 1.3 inches , according to what anticipated by MacRumors , with therefore a 21% increase in size compared to what was seen with the last series. The goal is to capture more light and consequently improve the quality of images and videos, especially when it is not very present and the quality of the shots risks decreasing.

Apple’s night mode takes a long time to process, despite the excellent result, and the new sensors would be able to remedy this. According to further specifications from user Fishing8 , there will be 1.22um pixel dimensions, smaller than the 1.9um in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Therefore, according to what was anticipated by the many sources in the sector, although the necessary confirmations are still missing, we can expect great results with the devices in question, even if all that will remain is to find out when Apple finally proceeds with the reveal of the devices, highlighting how the camera sector is also usual, which will be able to distinguish them from the other series.





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