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iPhone 14, Apple slows down on price increases: no price increase in sight?


In just over a month , Apple will present the new iPhone 14 . As usual, new rumors arrive on time on the next smartphones of the bitten apple. This time it’s about prices : according to some insiders they will cost less than they imagined. Could it be true?

The rumors come to us from the Korean site Naver in collaboration with the leaker yeux1122. Apple would be worried that the current uncertain economic climate could unduly penalize sales of new smartphones. So the company would be considering an aggressive pricing strategy.

Goodbye to the original designs, which predicted that the new iPhone 14 would start at around $ 100 on average more than the launch price of the iPhone 13. According to Naver, the base iPhone 14 will be offered for $ 799 in the US – and not $ 899 as anticipated by some other sources. In short, the price list will remain unchanged.

The iPhone 14 Pro will likely cost $ 1099, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max model will cost $ 1199. Let’s hope the Korean blog isn’t wrong.

If it were confirmed, it would not be a trivial news: many companies have taken the diametrically opposite path. From Meta, which has increased the prices of its Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headsets by € 100 , to Amazon which has increased the cost of the Prime subscription .



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