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Interpol, maxi-operation against cybercrime: 130 million dollars seized


Interpol has concluded a successful international operation against a network of cybercriminals . Operation HAECHI III led to the identification of over 1,000 suspects – most of whom were already in handcuffs – and the seizure of over 129 million dollars. Money – explains Interpol – accumulated thanks to a large number of frauds and thefts of various kinds.


Interpol has worked closely with law enforcement and government agencies in more than 30 countries , as many as the number of countries affected by this criminal group’s scams. From call center fraud, to romantic scams on Tinder, through cases of sextortion, investments in fictitious cryptocurrencies and money laundering obtained from illegal gambling.

Thanks to this joint effort, Interpol managed to arrest 975 people around the world, solving more than 1,600 cases born from as many complaints from the victims of the scammers. In addition, 2,800 current accounts and deposits at cryptocurrency exchanges were frozen.

The success of this operation – explains Jürgen Stock, Interpol general secretary in a note – was possible thanks to two cardinal principles: “follow the money”, and international cooperation. We need extraordinary and commendable efforts to deprive criminals of their ill-gotten gains, and this operation has seen member states do just that flawlessly


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