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Intel suspends all operations in Russia


The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a long time now, and with more and more companies confirming their intention to withdraw from the issue by stopping supporting Russia, even after the first attacks, problems of this type continue to arise.


In fact, it has now been about a month since Intel stopped all shipments to Russia and Belarus, and now, as reported on the pages of TechCrunch , all kinds of activities of the technology giant have now been officially stopped.

The giant was keen to underline the reasons behind a choice of this type, specifying that it condemns Russia for having started the war and that it only wants it to stop operations and restore peace. The company will be committed to supporting its approximately 1,200 employees in Russia as it seeks to implement measures to minimize disruption to global operations.

Certainly a predictable choice , which however, as confirmed, will not affect the company’s employees who obviously are not involved in the operation that is coming against Ukraine, and who will in fact continue to be supported by the giant. We will just have to see how the situation will evolve over the next few months.





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