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Instagram shamelessly copies BeReal: ‘Candid Stories’ are here


Instagram is chasing BeReal , the social network that has become popular in recent months and is focused on ‘spontaneity’. The new feature inaugurated by Instagram is called Candid Stories and basically replicates the mechanics that made BeReal a success.


Candid Stories will ask users to take a selfie a day, at a random time. Once the notification has been received, users will have only a short time to take the photo: no possibility of choosing artificial locations or styling. In short, the goal is to share a shot as genuine as possible.

Just like on BeReal, Candid Stories also features a multiple shot: a selfie and a photo taken with the main camera. A 360-degree montage of what’s happening to the user at that precise moment of the day.

To make this mechanic even more intriguing, there is a second expedient: users will be able to view their friends’ ‘Candid Stories’ posts on one condition only, that is, provided they have uploaded one themselves within the last 24 hours. In short, we cannot limit ourselves to being passive spectators of the lives of others, but we must also share our activities by participating ‘in the game’. Meta has announced that the feature may soon also arrive on Facebook Stories.


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